What is energy therapy?

Bio-Energetics definition:

1. ‘the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms’.
The vast new domain of ‘Bio Energetics’ is now re-discovering what the great sages of India, Lamas of Tibet and Great Masters of Taoism practiced on a daily basis. Science is finally realizing the great truth of how we really are in space. The Human organism and indeed all of life is a vast system of constantly vibrating electro-magnetic energy of  ingenious complexity that is the human matrix.  The energetic matrix is a term used to describe the myriad of pathways, meridians, nadis, vortexs, chakras, sephirot, fields and energy centres of the subtle body. All of which feed into and are part of the physical body and mind.

Kundala™ is an advanced energetic technique which takes years to master. It requires a diligent attitude to applied meditative practice. This refines the practitioners mind and emotions, eliminating attitudes and tendencies so as to enable unhindered entry into the light body matrix. There are no instruments / needles/ creams used. The practitioners own energy field is the instrument. This method is called “Full body Entrainment” and cannot be learned in any way other than through experientially seeking the higher self  through diligent meditative practice.

How does the practitioner treat?

Using their highly developed, ‘intuitive sense’, the practitioner is able to traverse the energetic matrix of the clients subtle body and with skilled focus of mind-attention, seeks out the energetic contractions. This intuitive sense has a powerful resonating affect on the contractions. The contractions begin to shift and open, moving in a more expansive cycle and rhythm. A term used to describe this is “to Spanda” or expand in an outward direction. Healing is a transition into an opening cycle.

Through years of meditative training the Kundala Practitioner has attained the ability to work with the Kundalini-light of consciousness. Being in this state allows the practitioner to track and trace the congested pathways of illness illuminating the energy blockages within the matrix and uncovering the cause and effect related to the disease or ailment. This cause and effect is the vital information required in order to understand the illness and why it has occurred.

What happens in a session?

The session takes up to 1 hour. During that time the client is fully clothed and lying down. The practitioner will lightly touch the client or put their hands above the body. The client may be asked to speak or can speak if the impulse arises. Usually the client dozes peacefully throughout the session. Both before and after the session there will be a discussion, where any issues can be addressed.