Jo provides the perfect mix of healing and inspired channel. l always leave feeling as though my cup is completely full. Following the session I had the most amazing day, such incredible moments with the horses. Thankyou for your gift, Amazing.

-Sallyanne. Equine Therapist. Melb. 2021.

Jo has been my regular healer for over 5 years. In this time, I have grown in understanding of myself, my relationships, the world around me and the spiritual path. I look forward to each session for the peace that it brings. After a session, I feel lighter, connected and grounded. In the following hours and days, I am more able to draw in the nourishment I need to immerse myself in the world. The spiritual understanding I gain, allows me to gradually integrate more and more of my intellectual, physical, emotional and energetic experience. So that today, I feel more unified than at any other time in my life. My prayers and blessings.
                                                             -Nicholas, Melb. 2020

“Jo is an amazing healer with brilliant intuition and skill. She has assisted me in overcoming a complex array of health issues which had previously been very debilitating. Following sessions with Jo, I am in a state of calm, I feel much more peaceful within myself and able to manage my emotions better. Jo has successfully cleared some huge energy blockages enabling me to function with far more physical energy and mental clarity, to be free of physical pain and tension and to sleep better. It’s been quite literally life changing. Thanks Jo!”
                                                             – Tessa, Geelong. 2017
“I have been receiving energy work from Jo over the past few years and have experienced phenomenal change in my life as a result of her healing work. Jo is a highly intuitive healer, and she is genuine and compassionate in her approach.   After each session with Jo I feel a profound sense of peace and emotional release.  I first saw Jo for treatment for a chronic illness I had for many years, after receiving various types of other treatments prior.  After several sessions with Jo, she had treated the core of the debilitating illness and I experienced recovery within several months, which I had not thought possible.  I feel very grateful to have met Jo, as I know she has helped to overcome significant challenges in my life.”
                                        Natalie, Brisbane. 2016
”Jo is a truly gifted healer and a rare gem of a human being you can only wish to know. Through her energy work, Jo has opened energy channels in my body that not only enable me to live a more fulfilling life, it has also helped me through a serious health issue. With the way we live our lives today, energetic work is essential to a seeker of a healthy, holistic and fulfilling life. I couldn’t recommend Jo and Kundala more highly.”
         – Felicity Boulter, Yorokobi Yoga, Melb. 2019.
” I had a very bad case of Chichen Pox as an adult and for 24 hours my spots had been stinging and itching unbearably. Jo gave me a very powerful treatment and within a few hours the itching was bearable. The next day it was gone completely-for good. She was a great help to me at such a difficult time, thankyou.”

                                                                                     – Tomek, Melbourne

” During my treatment I dropped into a very deep state. I felt as through years of blocked energy was cleared out of me. A great sense of peace was felt  for days.”
– Rachel, Geelong